Dog Grooming

We believe that bathing and grooming are essential to having a healthy pet. At LoveDog our certified, experienced professionals will groom your pet with gentle loving hands that have helped many pets overcome their inhibitions. Our grooming staff has expertise working with all breeds and have a high success rate working with dogs that are elderly, disabled or simply fearful of the grooming process.

Whether you need a scissor cut for your show dog or a bath, brush and blow dry for your lovable family dog, we have experts to serve you at a very competitive price. Our Salon provides complete grooming services for dogs of all shapes and sizes using only the highest quality products with an emphasis on quality vs quantity. Your pet is a valued friend, not just another appointment.

Cancellations and No-Shows

LoveDog is a small company and we cannot afford for customers to fail to turn up for appointments, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, therefor customers who fail to notify us or do not make their agreed appointment will incur a £20 cancellation fee.

Excessively matted dogs

We work under the strict guidelines of the Animal Welface Act and will not de-matt neglected dog coats. Dogs that are extremely matted may require to be shaved and will incur an additional £10 charge.

Ticks and Fleas

Please ensure your dogs are free of ticks and fleas prior to bringing them into the salon, appropriate lotions can be purchased from Supermarkets, pet stores or please consult your vet. Dogs that we deem to have a flea infestation may pass this onto our other customers dogs so we reserve the right to not groom your dog until their infestation is cleared. Additionally, if we discover a flea problem during the grooming process an additional fee of £15 will be added.

Anxious or Aggressive dogs

We work with nervous, aggressive and elderly dogs with health problems, should we require 2 groomers to work with your dog an additional £10 will be added.

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